Types of Rehabilitation Products

January 30, 2021 , Rehabilitation Products

Physical therapy is a medical specialty that includes the study, diagnosis, and treatment of patients with physical limitations in mobility. With the increasing number of aging people, physical therapy has become a more important component of health care for the older adult. Whitehall rehabilitation products have been designed to help physical therapists help patients regain maximum mobility and independence by assisting in muscle strengthening, stiffness relief, balance improvement, and range of motion exercises.

Whitehall’s comprehensive line of rehabilitation products includes an array of specialized chairs such as hydrotherapy recliners, power beds, exercise balls, knee pads, and hips. These pieces of equipment work together to improve posture, decrease pain and stiffness, and increase muscle strength and tone. Many of these products also include therapeutic heat therapy to reduce swelling and increase circulation. The hydrotherapy recliner, for example, comes with a specially curved backrest for optimal comfort and support. The specially designed lower back braces hold the lower spine in an upright position so that the patient’s head and neck are supported, giving them a painless, restful experience.

Many physical therapy and rehabilitation products also include devices for alleviating chronic pain, such as heat therapy balls, ice packs, and EMS (stimulated Electrical Stimulation). These specially designed products give the patient a variety of therapeutic levels of massage therapy for improved overall health and wellness. Some offer a gentle massage, while others give extreme pressure through electric stimulation. Ice packs or cold therapy balls can be used to relieve inflammation and pain by reducing the tightness of muscles. Electroly stimulated therapy is beneficial for improving range of motion and strength, and also improves muscle tone. Exercise balls are great for improving balance, increasing fitness and stamina, and relieving stress.

Many physical therapy and rehabilitation products also include innovative and technologically advanced devices for daily living aids such as walkers, canes, and improvised office furniture. These innovative products allow those who have suffered a limb injury or illness to function more comfortably in their everyday lives. In the home, homeowners can purchase appliances such as crutches, grab bars, low back braces, armrests, shower chairs, adjustable beds, rocking chairs, water filtration systems, treadmill, exercise tubing, exercise bicycles, rowing machines, stepper bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, exercise balls, and exercise bench. They can also buy table and chair sets for their home. Purchasing these products gives the disabled person a greater sense of independence and greater self-sufficiency.

For the older adult, there are many therapeutic products such as braces, splints, leg braces, and medicine balls that support and improve mobility. These pieces of rehabilitation equipment make it possible for the disabled person to be self-sufficient and independent. Some pieces of equipment, such as the medicine ball splint, are used in conjunction with other therapeutic equipment to achieve greater results and improved results. One of the most common forms of therapeutic rehabilitation products is the cm x brace.

In addition to the rehabilitation products previously mentioned, electrotherapy is another well-known form of therapeutic treatment that improves quality of life and functions of those who experience incapacitating injuries or illnesses. Most people suffer from some degree of pain due to physical fitness deficiencies. The use of electrotherapy, which uses electrical stimulation, is intended to reduce pain and the associated physical fitness limitations. Electrotherapy devices include electrotherapy boards, electrotherapy blankets, electrotherapy gloves, and electrotherapy shoes. Each piece of electrotherapy equipment has different applications and benefits depending on its application. Electrotherapy devices such as electrotherapy socks, electrotherapy wraps, electrotherapy pants, and electrotherapy booties are effective in reducing pain while increasing physical fitness and strength.